Chuck Cowing

Vice President

For your employees:

More job security

We’re not going to acquire your customers only to fire your team.

More career growth

By joining a larger organization with more roles to fill, your employees will have more opportunities for advancement.

More professional development

Your team will have the chance to develop new skills, earn further credentials, and train with the best in the business.

More support

We provide state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding back-office support – and we’re continually innovating with new technologies, systems, and processes.

For your Customers:

Our commitment to turning bad days into good ones means that when any of your customers calls in for help.

Our Good Day Guarantee that ensures every job is done right or done over at no additional charge.

Customers can count on quality service with no needless delays, no cutting corners, and no nonsense.

Every employee at Turnpoint Services shares the same mission: make today a good day for the next person you meet.